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Best Career Options for Communication Design

Communication is not limited to being vocal, it has broadened its spectrum and has an assortment of fields to work in, it has become communication for innovation. Graphic communication design, visual communication design, brand communication design, digital communication design, etc are forms of communication design. Media and communication design has changed its routes and can be done through caricatures, print media as well as electronic media. Communication design study is possible online as well through communication design online courses.

Digital communication design is communication for innovation. Web communication is the platform where digital communication design is extensively performed. 

With the passing years, the communication medium which has evolved the most is the electronic media. From radio to television to mobile phones to computers and now the internet, communication has become feasible and effortless. 

Eight Best Universities 

  1. National Institute of Design [NID] Communication Design.
  2. National Institute of Fashion Technology [NIFT] Communication Design.
  3. United World Institute of Design.
  4. World University of Design.
  5. MIT Institute of Design
  6. Jagran Lakecity University.
  7. Pearl Academy.
  8. JK Laxmipat University.

8 Best Careers in communication design


UI is an abbreviation of ‘User Interface’ that helps make the applications and websites look presentable and leave a phenomenal mark on the user. UX is the abbreviation of ‘User Experience.’ The people who work for UX focus on making the experience of the user better. A UX designer analyzes how to make ease for the users while using an application or website. UX-UI is interrelated as the designers work in coordination with each other for building interfaces that enhance users’ experience.

The importance of UX-UI has increased post-pandemic as many businesses have shifted online and raised the number of opportunities in the field.


Various online courses are available for UX-UI in both online and offline modes.

Graphic Design.

Graphic design is the process of communication with an ingenious strategy. Designers are permitted to experiment and recreate with colors and layouts. Graphic design is also a part of user experience design. Graphic design is vital in all fields be it business, communication, or fashion. Graphic design involves working with typography, colors, formats, styles, etc. Today, graphic communication design is the most basic requirement of the creative field as it is the communication of innovation.


  • B.Des Graphic Design
  • B.Sc Graphic Design
  • Diploma in Graphic Design
  • M.Des Graphic Design
  • MA in Graphic Design


Fashion Communication and Fashion Media.

It is the communication of fashion and lifestyle design. Fashion communication involves work like branding, logo design, public relation for the brand, merchandising, and other activities. Whereas, fashion media deals with how the product has to be communicated in the market, traditional or online. Creating awareness for the brand and increasing its sales with the help of communication and media, with the involvement of the internet in our life, using it as a strong mode of communication for the brand.


  • BA Hons in Fashion Communication.
  • MA in Fashion Communication
  • Fashion Journalism [ Diploma and Graduation]

Animation & Visual Effects

According to Merriam Webster, animation refers to the act of animating, giving life to non-living things or imaginary objects or characters. Everybody knows cartoons like ‘Tom and Jerry’ or ‘Oggy and The Cockroaches’  are animated characters in which satire and humor were infused. 

Visual effects commonly known as VFX are applied to real human beings to add pleasure to the sight of the audience. It portrays the combination of real and reel life through the usage of special effects. Movies like ‘Bahubali, Spiderman, Harry Potter, etc are examples of the same. 


  • B.Des Animationn  and motion graphics
  • B.Des Animation and game design
  • B.Des Animation and multimedia deign

Animation & Film Design

An animator is an artist who creates illusion using frames and characters. It is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of patience. Film-making is also a labour-intensive project that aims to entertain its audience. This is a field of communication design of innovation where entertainment and technology go hand in hand.


  • B.Des Animation and VFX
  • B.DES Film and video
  • M.Des Animation and VFX

Film and video communication  

Visual communication design is what we can call film and video design as it provides visual content for the audience to enjoy. This subcategory offers options like cinematography, filmmaker, video director, etc. This course allows you to learn about filmmaking and related activities. You can create sensational and remarkable content. Maybe become the next Yashraj or Sanjay Leela Bhansali of Bollywood.  


  • B.Des Film and Video Communication
  • M.Des Film and Video Communication


It is the kind of communication that captures and immortalizes moments. These photographs act as evidence or memories for alluring the captures. It requires accurate skills and knowledge about camera handling, lighting, lens, etc features of the camera as well.


BA in Visual Arts and Photography

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