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Dear Students

As you begin your academic career, you are embarking on a path full of possibilities and hope. Design can helpin transforming the way we look at things. Every designthat we encounter today has been created with only one purpose in mind: to connect with the personality of theuser at a primal level. The mechanised world we live in today demands extensive planning and innovative designing that blends seamlessly with art, technology, and science.

Today, India with a phenomenal growth rate of 23 to 25 per cent annually is the rising star among the design superpowers all across the globe. Businesses now understand that good designing adds value to any and every product, If Make in India is the clarion call of the times, inevitably Design in India is its most vital factor. As technology continues to grow and evolve, so does the need for people with strong backgrounds in design. Choosing a career in the design and technology sector allows individuals to combine their knowledge and passions into a single, fulfilling role. At Design Aspirants, we believe in treading the path of Quality and Discipline, which is the basic mantra of success in our institution. Within this temple of learning, we offer you multiple opportunities abound to experience as you learn, so that you in turn contribute to the betterment of the society through your knowledge and innate sensitivity to the changing design dynamics. It has always been our paramount duty to provide our students with the best in every respect – the best mentors, study material, and the most innovative approach in the art of attempting the Design/Architecture competitive entrance examinations. All throughout our past successful years, we at Design, have touched and surpassed many milestones. I welcome each and every design aspirant to our institution, where excellence and peak performance is our dialect.

Mayank Soni
Founder & MD Design Aspirants

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