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Best Career Options in Industrial Design

Industrial design brings ideas to reality through product design, interior design, transportation design, automobile design, house interior design, and much more. Industrial design aims to make co-existence leisurely. Industrial design has an optimistic approach obtained through the design thinking process of converting problems into opportunities. Industrial designs are created keeping in mind, providing user-centric products in a resourceful way by performinga ccurate packaging design that is suitable for the product design. Interior design requires an empathic and pragmatic understanding for making worthy creations like home interior design, bedroom interior design,
automobile design, toy and game design, and much more.

Career Options

Product Design

Product design is the most common field chosen by students in industrial design. Product design and development involves activities like product logo design, product label design, product catalog design, label logo design, digital product design, packaging design, etc. Product design helps create user-friendly products by following an appropriate process of packaging design. The product designer creates products through experimentation. Product design has become an essential part of the product-making process in
today’s world.


● B.Des in Product Design
● M.Des in Product Design

Interior Design
Interior design is one of the common fields known by people. Interior designers are in demand all the time as people want something unexplored, something distinct in their spaces all the time. Study interior design and create house interior designs, kitchen interior designs, bathroom interior designs, salon interior designs, and much more. Interior designing is not limited to designing the interiors of houses, it is also required for designing the interiors of automobiles, and exhibitions.


Automobile design is done keeping in mind the demand of its user for example car design. It is not restricted to designing the interior and exterior but also the automobile component design like the engine, parts, etc. An automobile becomes thriving when they are designed in harmony by automobile designers and automobile engineers.

Interior Design
● B.Des in Interior Design
● B.Des in Interior Design and Decoration
● B.Des in Interior and Furniture design
● B.Des in Interior and Retail design
● B.Des interior and architecture design

Automobile interior design
● B.Des in Automobile Design
● M.Des in Automobile Design
NID Automobile Design

Toy and Game Design

Toy and game design requires an imaginative and creative mind that gives new experiences to the users. It allows delivering the gamer a real-life experience. there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to being a toy designer, marketed products that become successful
bring joy to not just children but adults is one of the best careers to bring your creativity to the forefront and display your childlike side to design and develop ideas.

● B.Des in Toy and Game Design
● M.Des in Toy and Game Design

Retail and Exhibition Design Retail and exhibition design refers to activities relating to building a stall for the client’s product to be presented in an exhibition. It involves dealing with the client and meeting their requirements within their desired budget. The designer concocts attractive stalls for the retailer to sell his/her products. It is a field not known by everyone but is in demand.

● B.Des in Retail and Exhibition Design
● M.Des in Retail and Exhibition Design

Spatial Design Spatial designers create spaces that are sustainable and in sync with human behavior. For gaining knowledge about how humans react to the space to be built, spatial designers need to have a deep understanding of existing designs, and spaces. Space is endlessly shaping us. Spatial designers create comfortable spaces. Spatial designers interact with how and what the space communicates with the people.

● BDes in Interior and Spatial Design
● MDes in Interior and Spatial Design

Ceramic and Glass Design Glass and ceramic design is having a creative point of view of science and technology as it concerns with producing medical, technology-related [engineering], and ornamental products. It can be said to be a part of interior decoration as well. Creating floor tiles, ornamental ware, ceramic ceiling tiles, UV-protected lenses, gorilla glasses, etc can be said to be ceramic and glass designs.

● B.Des in Ceramic and Glass Design
● M.Des in Ceramic and Glass Design

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