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Have a look around yourself, what do you see? Shapes, structures, right? To make a piece of land livable, to make clothes, to have a friendly user interface, and to have anything in a desirable format, what do we require?




Design is pervasive. Design is present from the structure of the pencil to the structure of an aircraft to the interiors of your houses to the designs of the cafes, restaurants, cars, etc. design is everywhere.


Careers in design are lucrative and have an amazing future ahead.


Top 5 career options in design.

  • Product Design

Product design refers to the process of making the product or service tangible/ accessible for the target customers. To design a product there are various steps to be followed like brainstorming ideas, defining the need of the product & how it will make a change, and finally testing your idea. Product Design involves a variety of subcategories that you can learn and build a well-returning career. 

As a product designer, your specialized duties can be that of product logo design maker, product label design maker, product catalog design, label logo design, digital product design, packaging design, and many more.

Product design is one of the most common careers in design that people choose as it is engaging and at the same time a lucrative career. 

  • Graphic Design

Graphic design concerns the aesthetic appeal and marketing of a product, service, or campaign. Gra[hic design leaves a mark on the viewer for a long time, subconsciously making them your potential customer. Graphic design can be said as emotion design as it triggers the emotional factor in a person. As a graphic designer, you need to have knowledge about the software, color wheel, and most importantly experimentation. Graphics designs allow visual content to communicate messages. A graphic design career is a career that is in demand and allows you to reach pinnacles.


  • Fashion Design 

If you are interested in clothing and fashion, fashion design is the best career for you. A fashion designer must have a creative mind to invent new patterns, prints, and styles for the people. Fashion is not about the clothes one wears but also the accessories, footwear, headgear, and every small thing that makes your outfit look like a statement piece. As a fashion designer you can become a stylist, retail buyer, retail manager, fashion journalist, and much more. Become the pepper factor to make your bland piece a trendy one, become a fashionista; become a fashion designer.

  • UI-UX Design

Having an innovative mind with an idea of changing the way people use an application and smoothening their activity, UI-UX Design is the best career option for you. UI-UX design allows you to create mesmerizing user experiences by the forums users interact with. UI-UX designs are the demand of the hour and have a lucrative future ahead of you.

  • Interior Design

Spaces where you live, go for entertainment, or spaces where you work everything has been designed. Interior design plays an important role in our lives. It allows us to live a comfortable and easy life with taking care of the interiors hassle free. Interior design required skills of experimentation, efficiency, creativity, and innovation. Interior design is required all time and everywhere. Interior design is one of the lucrative careers you can pursue.


You might have understood that design is the best career option for you to opt in today’s scenario where there are uncertainties. Get into design today with Design Aspirants.


At Design Aspirants, we train you to become an exception, providing you with all the required mentorship to appear for the competitive exams like IIT-UCEED, IIT-CEED, NIFT, NID, NATA, and IIT-B.ARCH. We not only help students to prepare for design and architecture exams, along with the state-of-the-art facilities but also enable them to secure high ranks in these examinations. Our unique principle is to bond with our students in a healthy way that makes them comfortable to learn with fun. 


We hold the record for highest selections in Central India, year after year. We give you the whole package of aptitude tests, general knowledge, creative ability tests, etc. We allow you to create an experience for your audience through design. Become an influencing personality through your creativity and innovation with Design Aspirants. We have mentored 850+ students since 2014, who have successfully paved their way towards successful design careers, academically and professionally. Currently [2022], we have 200+ students enrolled with us.

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