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Environmental designs and career options

The building in which we live, the structure of the city we stay in, the stores we shop in, and everything else related to infrastructure fall under the umbrella of environmental design. The environment in old times was pure and natural for which we mistook the thought that it is inexhaustible. But with time the natural resources got depleted and we are fighting for a sustainable environment to live in.

The term environmental design deals with the government mostly for building any shelter or commutable spaces, such as bridges, highways, townships, railway routes, etc. 

Environmental design is necessary because it not only designs the structure of cities or the country we live in but also because it preserves the environment in a justified manner.

Career options.  


Architecture design is an essential part of environmental design as it adds elements of aesthetics to the structure. It is the process that involves the stages from making a blueprint to the construction process. Architecture involves the building of houses, working spades, townships, open spaces, etc. An architect-designer is of utmost primacy anywhere and everywhere as it unravels the troubles of people in a resourceful way. Become an architect, and change the experience of people living.




Town Planning

Town planning is also known as ‘Urban Planning’ which means developing and designing the land with the use of environmental resources to upscale the town or city. It focuses on building distribution networks, communication, and transportation. It is known to be a political and technical process. Its preliminary focus is correspondingly on general welfare. It develops urban, suburban, and rural areas.




Civil Construction

Civil construction is included under civil engineering. Civil construction deals with building dams, tunnels, reservoirs, subdivisions, bridges, etc.

It allows you to bring about innovative infrastructural structures for bringing ease to the citizens.




Urban Design

Urban design is the art of making places. It deals in building residential spaces, neighborhoods, end of villages, towns, cities, etc, and adding an ornamental element for the same. 



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