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“Keeping up with the fashion trends is what people do but the ones who create the trends are fashion designers.”

Fashion design adds chicness to the cloth, it allows a simple piece of cloth to be transformed into an astounding piece, thus the requirement of fashion marketing and management arises. Lifestyle design is related to all those tangible and intangible products or services that upscale your life calling out for fashion and luxury brand management.

The mantra for everyone to look fashionable is to look ‘Elegant and outstanding on a low budget’ raising requirements for fashion retail management. Fashion design and lifestyle design are interrelated and interdependent fields. When you style an outfit, make decorations for your home, create something distinctive from the broken pieces, etc is an addition to lifestyle design.

The accurate knowledge and acquaintance with colors, fabrics, prints, and accessories can make you nail your fashion game. This field doesn’t mandate you to have any background knowledge, fashion design allows you to start from scratch with only one condition which is: PASSION.

Fashion and lifestyle design is a generic field but it involves an assortment of sub-fields as well. Professionals are required for each sub-category. One person is not responsible for making everything that is jewelry, clothes, accessory, etc.

Careers in Fashion and Lifestyle Design


Fashion designing is the most common field that students usually choose when they decide on the design field. Becoming a fashion designer allows you to bring novelty to the field. Fashion designers attempt to design clothes that are usable as well as aesthetically alluring.

Fashion design involves experimenting and testing with colors, fabrics, and prints. The clothes that Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar wear is also a kind of fashion, though not appreciated by all.


There is a technical four years course available to pursue fashion is called B.Tech Fashion and Lifestyle Design

Fun Fact


Knitwear Design

Through wool and yarn weave knitwear designs can be obtained. Knitwear designing courses teach about technology, manufacturing, stitching, pattern-making, trend analysis, forecasting, sketching of cloth, production of cloth, etc.

Fashion enthusiasts who want to learn about the techniques of creating new weave design can surely pursue a career in knitwear design.



Knit is a word derived from the Old English cyttan, which means ‘to knot. Students from any stream can pursue courses related to knitwear design. 


Knitwear design is not a very common course students usually pursue. But the courses available are, 

  • Bachelors in Knitwear Design.
  • BA Hons FashionKnitwear Design.
  • Masters in Knitwear Design.
  • MA Fashion[ Knitwear].


Going into a fabric store, looking around at distinct colorful fabrics, does the question bother you who is deciding those colors? Who is creating those prints? Who is deciding the material of the cloth? 

The textile designer does. Textile designers bring their imaginative designs to life. Textile designers have the authority to suggest the type of threads to be used. Textile designers determine how to play with the cloth and colors.


  • BDes Textile Design.
  • Bachelors in Textile Design.
  • BA Textile Design.
  • BA Hons Textile Design.

Apparel Design and Merchandising.

This field offers you the opportunity to critically explore how fibers and apparel products are designed and developed, distributed, and merchandised as well as the ways consumers interact with and use those products. The emphasis is placed upon fostering cultural/global awareness and a commitment to social responsibility.

It too is a four-year-long course, but it’s a scientific course.


  • B.S. in Apparel Design and Merchandising.
  • M.S. in Apparel Design and Merchandising.

Accessory Design 

Everybody aims to look presentable when they wear an outfit. The main elements that make an outfit complete are accessories. Accessories are the style statement of an outfit. Accessories include jewelry, footwear, hats, scarves, headgears, bags, clips, and belts. An accessory designer provides the aesthetic element to an outfit. Without accessories, an outfit looks incomplete.


  • B.Des Accessory Design
  • M.Des Accessory Design

Leather Design

Many people love to wear leather goods. Due to the increase in demand for leather products, there is a need realized for leather designers. This field requires physical work and sincerity. In India as well as outside India, there is a great demand for leather. Products that are created from leather are belts, bags, shoes, upholstery, etc. Thus, leather industries require trained designers and merchandisers to meet the needs of people.



  • B.Des Leather Design

Jewelry Design

Jewelry is considered an investment in India. Jewelry designers work with precious metals, diamonds, beads, and gemstones. Jewelry designers have embarked on their position everywhere since ancient times. Jewelry designers create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Jewelry designers add up ornamental value to an outfit. Jewelry has great significance in India.


  • B.Des Jewelry Design

Footwear Design

Footwear is the most noticed element of an outfit. Footwear designs vary from country to country. Footwear is designed by keeping in mind the style and comfort of the customer. With time footwear design has evolved. Designers experiment with the footwear that creates extraordinary footwear that is presented in fashion shows. India is the second-largest producer of footwear after China.  Fashion brands create an identity not only through the outfits they create but also through the additional elements they provide.


  • B.Des Footwear Design and Production.
  • M.Des Footwear Design and Production

Management and Technology in fashion and lifestyle design


Fashion management deals with the building of brand image and awareness among the general public as well as management in marketing, merchandising, and retail of fashion products. This includes organization, planning, and promotion of the fashion business as well. Fashion management requires leadership skills and managerial skills specifically in fashion, garment export, lifestyle as well as the retail sector.


Marketing is one of the most important aspects of all fields, without marketing the end products would not be sold. Marketing is where fashion and business intersect. Marketing activities can involve your role as social media management, content manager, advertiser, etc. When you decide to do fashion marketing you are responsible for all the after-production process is the promotion of products in the correct order. Making a mark on social media platforms will allow you to increase the sales of your respective brand.



Bdes & MDes in Fashion Marketing and MGT.


Fashion Retail Management

Fashion retailing is the sector of business that acts as an intermediatory between the manufacturers and buyers. Fashion retail is a process of principles of fashion. Fashion retail management gives insights into marketing, retail buying, merchandising, and imparts basic fabric knowledge- from fiber to fabric and fabric to garment. It emphasizes retail management, brand management, and customer relationship management.



Bdes Mdes Retail Experience Design

Fashion Business Management

Careers like fashion buyers, fashion merchandisers, product designers and developers, design consultants and entrepreneurs, exporters, etc. are involved in the fashion business management sector. It is similar to fashion management and marketing but with wider scope for all the activities.



Bdes mDES in Fashion Business Management


Bachelor of Fashion Technology

Bachelor of fashion technology is a perfect blend of creativity and technology. This course covers a vast study of design, concept management, design production management, quality control, planning, fabric design, printing, textile science, color mixing, etc.



BF Tech. in NIFT

MF Tech

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