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How to get into IIT without appearing for JEE?

Since IIT has started providing design as a course, students are taking classes for IIT UCEED coaching classes for IIT UCEED Exam preparation. UCEED is a B.Des entrance exam. Design Aspirants is a Design entrance exam training institute. Design Aspirants is an institute that provides NIFT Exam Entrance Classes, NID Entrance training institute, and Architecture Exam training institute. It is an overall Design Entrance Exam Training Coaching Academy. 


Are you looking for design entrance coaching? Coaching in Indore or coaching in Bhopal? What do you require NATA coaching or B.Arch coaching or UCEED coaching or NIFT coaching or NID coaching? If you want to pursue design career and you are looking for the best design coaching Design Aspirants is at your service. Design Aspirants is the best design coaching class in Indore as well as in Bhopal.

Students who have a flare for creativity and imagination do not need to suppress their talent anymore.

IIT provides designing courses as well. Due to a lack of awareness not many people know about it.

Stick through out the blog to know how to get into IIT through DESIGN.

Design will never let you resign”

The world of creativity and innovation awaits you. It’s time to capitalise on your creativity and become an innovator. Give shape to your views and vision through design. Build a career in a field where you feel ecstatic and delighted. The never-ending curiosity to play with colours and figures will make you thrive till you become a designer.

Design is ubiquitous. Design exists in everything. Without design, the world will become monotonous. Design is an enormous broad umbrella and makes many different routes available for students, from the layout of a city to creating the interiors of cars, spaces and aeroplanes to fashion and application.


Approximately 22 lakh PCM students appear for the entrance exams for admission into IITs every year, but only a few of them get the chance to become IIT-ian. The competition is tough, and so is studying Physics, Chemistry and Maths! Though, in today’s world, there is no place where competition doesn’t exist.

Since 2015, IIT’s School of Design also known as IDC (Industrial Design Centre) has been offering a 4 years Bachelor’s program’s in Design.  Approximately 12000 to 15000  students appear for the IIT-UCEED exam, conducted by IIT-BOMBAY, and compete for a total of 199 seats in IIT-Delhi, IIITDM-JABALPUR, IIT-GUWAHATI, IIT-BOMBAY, and IIT-HYDERABAD.

IIT is encouraged also because of its stimulating packages after the student finishes his/her graduation. Whereas design is considered a career of labour and toil.

The reality is, today engineers correspondingly seek a design course to enrich their skills and to get promoted in their organisation. Graduate students from IIT-IDC bag placements ranging from 17 lakhs to 48 lakhs. Isn’t that incredible?

In India, any course which requires to be completed in four years is considered a technical course. The Bachelor in Design degree is also completed in 4 years and considered a technical degree. . After pursuing a bachelor’s in a design course, a student can start working and it is his or her wish to pursue a master’s degree further or not.

It’s time to expand your vision, get your mission and become a designer with determination.


Recognition of would-be designers at an early stage of life.

Schools and parents have always demoralised students who are inquisitive in art rather than in science and maths. Talent should be acknowledged in the early stages of a youngster, for them to probe and enhance their imagination rather than bounding them. Art and craft activities allow a student’s mind to feel fresh and give his/her brain the air to breathe. Creativity is a cloud and design is just a perspective of it.


The need for designers.

Designers have become an integral part of almost every industry and a part of the global economy. There is a combination of job prospects available for a designer today. As technology continuously moves forward at breakneck speed, the world becomes more tech-savvy and the demand for designers is on the rise.

Designers make the user experience better. Designers create spatial designs and bring fashion trends. As a  designer,  you yield the potential to shape the world in which you live.

Mainstream courses like B.COM, BBA, MBA, MEDICAL, etc have very few opportunities to provide jobs. During the pandemic and post-pandemic, many businesses have adopted working from home which raised the demand for UX-UI designers. This proves the need for designers in the world.


At Design Aspirants, we train you to become an exception, providing you with all the required mentorship to appear for the competitive exams like IIT-UCEED, IIT-CEED, NIFT, NID, NATA, and IIT-B.ARCH. We not only help students to prepare for design and architecture exams, along with the state of the art facilities, but also enable them to secure high ranks in these examinations. Our unique principle is to bond with our students in a healthy way that makes them comfortable to learn with fun.

We hold the record for highest selections in Central India, year after year. We give you the whole package of aptitude tests, general knowledge, creative ability tests, etc. We allow you to create an experience for your audience through design. Become an influencing personality through your creativity and innovation with Design Aspirants. We have mentored 850+ students since 2014, who have successfully paved their way towards successful design careers, academically and professionally. Currently [2022], we have 200+ students enrolled with us.

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