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UCEED 2020

Part - B [ CAT Solution ]

Prof. Shastri was checking maths papers when she got a call from her husband. Mr. Shastri was upset that she forgot the diet lunch box that he had specially prepared for her. He was also annoyed that she left the dining table in a mess with all her papers and books piled up. He further accused her of cheating on her diet by eating canteen Pakodas and Aloo Parathas for lunch. Prof. Shastri tried to pacify him by saying that she had been working since morning as she needed to finish checking papers and writing her research proposal by 5 pm that evening and that she even had a headache from skipping lunch. Mr. Shastri was not convinced and reminded her that she hadn’t even read the diet book he had sent and was probably using it as a paper weight in her office. He concluded that she wasn’t serious about her health and proceeded to declare that he will not be cooking for her from then on. Prof. Shastri hung up the phone and in frustration ordered her fifth cup of tea from the canteen and her second plate of Pakodas.
From the above description, sketch Prof. Shastri’s desk from her usual point of view.

UCEED 2021

Part - B [ CAT Solution ]

You are sitting in a well-ventilated drawing-room. It is 9 in the morning and the sunlight is streaming through the window on the east casting shadows on the floor. A cat is resting on one of the sunlit patches. A newspaper is placed beside a cup of hot tea on a small side table. There are three freshly watered potted plants in the room; one on the floor and two on the window sill with the watering jug next to it. From the above description, sketch the scene from your point of view. 

Note: Make pencil sketches only, and do not use any colors.

UCEED 2022

Part - B [ CAT Solution ]

Read and visualize the following 

  • A rat is spotted inside a school canteen
  • A school boy is afraid and standing on a stool/chair
  • A brave school girl is chasing the rat out of the canteen
  • A tiffin box is falling on the floor 
  • Two school bags and two water bottles are kept on a table
  • A few plates are broken and lying on the floor
  • The canteen owner is watching this in shock, standing on top of the counter table.
Sketch this scene from the canteen owner’s point of view.
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