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Have a look around yourself, what do you see? Shapes, structures, right? To make a piece of land livable, to make clothes, to have a friendly user interface, and to have anything in a desirable format, what do we require?




Design is pervasive. Design is present from the structure of the pencil to the structure of an aircraft to the interiors of your houses to the designs of the cafes, restaurants, cars, etc. design is everywhere.


Careers in design are lucrative and have an amazing future ahead.


Top 5 career options in design.

  • Product Design

Product design refers to the process of making the product or service tangible/ accessible for the target customers. To design a product there are various steps to be followed like brainstorming ideas, defining the need of the product & how it will make a change, and finally testing your idea. Product Design involves a variety of subcategories that you can learn and build a well-returning career. 

As a product designer, your specialized duties can be that of product logo design maker, product label design maker, product catalog design, label logo design, digital product design, packaging design, and many more.

Product design is one of the most common careers in design that people choose as it is engaging and at the same time a lucrative career. 

  • Graphic Design

Graphic design concerns the aesthetic appeal and marketing of a product, service, or campaign. Gra[hic design leaves a mark on the viewer for a long time, subconsciously making them your potential customer. Graphic design can be said as emotion design as it triggers the emotional factor in a person. As a graphic designer, you need to have knowledge about the software, color wheel, and most importantly experimentation. Graphics designs allow visual content to communicate messages. A graphic design career is a career that is in demand and allows you to reach pinnacles.


  • Fashion Design 

If you are interested in clothing and fashion, fashion design is the best career for you. A fashion designer must have a creative mind to invent new patterns, prints, and styles for the people. Fashion is not about the clothes one wears but also the accessories, footwear, headgear, and every small thing that makes your outfit look like a statement piece. As a fashion designer you can become a stylist, retail buyer, retail manager, fashion journalist, and much more. Become the pepper factor to make your bland piece a trendy one, become a fashionista; become a fashion designer.

  • UI-UX Design

Having an innovative mind with an idea of changing the way people use an application and smoothening their activity, UI-UX Design is the best career option for you. UI-UX design allows you to create mesmerizing user experiences by the forums users interact with. UI-UX designs are the demand of the hour and have a lucrative future ahead of you.

  • Interior Design

Spaces where you live, go for entertainment, or spaces where you work everything has been designed. Interior design plays an important role in our lives. It allows us to live a comfortable and easy life with taking care of the interiors hassle free. Interior design required skills of experimentation, efficiency, creativity, and innovation. Interior design is required all time and everywhere. Interior design is one of the lucrative careers you can pursue.


You might have understood that design is the best career option for you to opt in today’s scenario where there are uncertainties. Get into design today with Design Aspirants.


At Design Aspirants, we train you to become an exception, providing you with all the required mentorship to appear for the competitive exams like IIT-UCEED, IIT-CEED, NIFT, NID, NATA, and IIT-B.ARCH. We not only help students to prepare for design and architecture exams, along with the state-of-the-art facilities but also enable them to secure high ranks in these examinations. Our unique principle is to bond with our students in a healthy way that makes them comfortable to learn with fun. 


We hold the record for highest selections in Central India, year after year. We give you the whole package of aptitude tests, general knowledge, creative ability tests, etc. We allow you to create an experience for your audience through design. Become an influencing personality through your creativity and innovation with Design Aspirants. We have mentored 850+ students since 2014, who have successfully paved their way towards successful design careers, academically and professionally. Currently [2022], we have 200+ students enrolled with us.

Design: Career chaos after the 12th.

Are you looking for design entrance Coaching? Design in Indore or Design in Bhopal? What do you require NATA coaching or B.Arch coaching or UCEED coaching or NIFT coaching or NID coaching? If you want to pursue a design career and you are looking for the best design coaching Design Aspirants is at your service. Design Aspirants is the best design coaching class in Indore as well as in Bhopal.


Students are in a great dilemma after their 12th board exams. They are the most stressed individuals with no clarity about what they want to pursue. Even if they choose a stream they are made known that the grass is greener on the other side.


Choosing a field of one’s interest and passion is very important. One needs to enjoy what they are learning and what they desire to do in life otherwise, they will be mere machines. 

We know it is a tough time for you students. You are stuck in a maze of questions and you are trying to get out with every path you see, but follow the one that your heart and brain abide by. 

Every field requires consistency and dedication, choosing a creative career will also demand the same. There is no shortcut in this process. But there’s one thing you can do; choose what you will cherish doing in a long run.


Choosing design is a great career option. Design is a creative course that has an enormous range of umbrella fields. By choosing design, you choose to become creators of tomorrow; fashion, communication, interior, architecture, toy and game, graphics, and many more fields await you. 


At Design Aspirants, we train you to become an exception, providing you with all the required mentorship to appear for the competitive exams like IIT-UCEED, IIT-CEED, NIFT, NID, NATA, and IIT-B.ARCH. We not only help students to prepare for design and architecture exams, along with the state-of-the-art facilities but also enable them to secure high ranks in these examinations. Our unique principle is to bond with our students in a healthy way that makes them comfortable to learn with fun. 


We hold the record for highest selections in Central India, year after year. We give you the whole package of aptitude tests, general knowledge, creative ability tests, etc. We allow you to create an experience for your audience through design. Become an influencing personality through your creativity and innovation with Design Aspirants. We have mentored 850+ students since 2014, who have successfully paved their way towards successful design careers, academically and professionally. Currently [2022], we have 200+ students enrolled with us.

How to get into IIT without appearing for JEE?

How to get into IIT without appearing for JEE?

Since IIT has started providing design as a course, students are taking classes for IIT UCEED coaching classes for IIT UCEED Exam preparation. UCEED is a B.Des entrance exam. Design Aspirants is a Design entrance exam training institute. Design Aspirants is an institute that provides NIFT Exam Entrance Classes, NID Entrance training institute, and Architecture Exam training institute. It is an overall Design Entrance Exam Training Coaching Academy. 


Are you looking for design entrance coaching? Coaching in Indore or coaching in Bhopal? What do you require NATA coaching or B.Arch coaching or UCEED coaching or NIFT coaching or NID coaching? If you want to pursue design career and you are looking for the best design coaching Design Aspirants is at your service. Design Aspirants is the best design coaching class in Indore as well as in Bhopal.

Students who have a flare for creativity and imagination do not need to suppress their talent anymore.

IIT provides designing courses as well. Due to a lack of awareness not many people know about it.

Stick through out the blog to know how to get into IIT through DESIGN.

Design will never let you resign”

The world of creativity and innovation awaits you. It’s time to capitalise on your creativity and become an innovator. Give shape to your views and vision through design. Build a career in a field where you feel ecstatic and delighted. The never-ending curiosity to play with colours and figures will make you thrive till you become a designer.

Design is ubiquitous. Design exists in everything. Without design, the world will become monotonous. Design is an enormous broad umbrella and makes many different routes available for students, from the layout of a city to creating the interiors of cars, spaces and aeroplanes to fashion and application.


Approximately 22 lakh PCM students appear for the entrance exams for admission into IITs every year, but only a few of them get the chance to become IIT-ian. The competition is tough, and so is studying Physics, Chemistry and Maths! Though, in today’s world, there is no place where competition doesn’t exist.

Since 2015, IIT’s School of Design also known as IDC (Industrial Design Centre) has been offering a 4 years Bachelor’s program’s in Design.  Approximately 12000 to 15000  students appear for the IIT-UCEED exam, conducted by IIT-BOMBAY, and compete for a total of 199 seats in IIT-Delhi, IIITDM-JABALPUR, IIT-GUWAHATI, IIT-BOMBAY, and IIT-HYDERABAD.

IIT is encouraged also because of its stimulating packages after the student finishes his/her graduation. Whereas design is considered a career of labour and toil.

The reality is, today engineers correspondingly seek a design course to enrich their skills and to get promoted in their organisation. Graduate students from IIT-IDC bag placements ranging from 17 lakhs to 48 lakhs. Isn’t that incredible?

In India, any course which requires to be completed in four years is considered a technical course. The Bachelor in Design degree is also completed in 4 years and considered a technical degree. . After pursuing a bachelor’s in a design course, a student can start working and it is his or her wish to pursue a master’s degree further or not.

It’s time to expand your vision, get your mission and become a designer with determination.


Recognition of would-be designers at an early stage of life.

Schools and parents have always demoralised students who are inquisitive in art rather than in science and maths. Talent should be acknowledged in the early stages of a youngster, for them to probe and enhance their imagination rather than bounding them. Art and craft activities allow a student’s mind to feel fresh and give his/her brain the air to breathe. Creativity is a cloud and design is just a perspective of it.


The need for designers.

Designers have become an integral part of almost every industry and a part of the global economy. There is a combination of job prospects available for a designer today. As technology continuously moves forward at breakneck speed, the world becomes more tech-savvy and the demand for designers is on the rise.

Designers make the user experience better. Designers create spatial designs and bring fashion trends. As a  designer,  you yield the potential to shape the world in which you live.

Mainstream courses like B.COM, BBA, MBA, MEDICAL, etc have very few opportunities to provide jobs. During the pandemic and post-pandemic, many businesses have adopted working from home which raised the demand for UX-UI designers. This proves the need for designers in the world.


At Design Aspirants, we train you to become an exception, providing you with all the required mentorship to appear for the competitive exams like IIT-UCEED, IIT-CEED, NIFT, NID, NATA, and IIT-B.ARCH. We not only help students to prepare for design and architecture exams, along with the state of the art facilities, but also enable them to secure high ranks in these examinations. Our unique principle is to bond with our students in a healthy way that makes them comfortable to learn with fun.

We hold the record for highest selections in Central India, year after year. We give you the whole package of aptitude tests, general knowledge, creative ability tests, etc. We allow you to create an experience for your audience through design. Become an influencing personality through your creativity and innovation with Design Aspirants. We have mentored 850+ students since 2014, who have successfully paved their way towards successful design careers, academically and professionally. Currently [2022], we have 200+ students enrolled with us.

Best Career Options for Communication Design

Best Career Options for Communication Design

Communication is not limited to being vocal, it has broadened its spectrum and has an assortment of fields to work in, it has become communication for innovation. Graphic communication design, visual communication design, brand communication design, digital communication design, etc are forms of communication design. Media and communication design has changed its routes and can be done through caricatures, print media as well as electronic media. Communication design study is possible online as well through communication design online courses.

Digital communication design is communication for innovation. Web communication is the platform where digital communication design is extensively performed. 

With the passing years, the communication medium which has evolved the most is the electronic media. From radio to television to mobile phones to computers and now the internet, communication has become feasible and effortless. 

Eight Best Universities 

  1. National Institute of Design [NID] Communication Design.
  2. National Institute of Fashion Technology [NIFT] Communication Design.
  3. United World Institute of Design.
  4. World University of Design.
  5. MIT Institute of Design
  6. Jagran Lakecity University.
  7. Pearl Academy.
  8. JK Laxmipat University.

8 Best Careers in communication design


UI is an abbreviation of ‘User Interface’ that helps make the applications and websites look presentable and leave a phenomenal mark on the user. UX is the abbreviation of ‘User Experience.’ The people who work for UX focus on making the experience of the user better. A UX designer analyzes how to make ease for the users while using an application or website. UX-UI is interrelated as the designers work in coordination with each other for building interfaces that enhance users’ experience.

The importance of UX-UI has increased post-pandemic as many businesses have shifted online and raised the number of opportunities in the field.


Various online courses are available for UX-UI in both online and offline modes.

Graphic Design.

Graphic design is the process of communication with an ingenious strategy. Designers are permitted to experiment and recreate with colors and layouts. Graphic design is also a part of user experience design. Graphic design is vital in all fields be it business, communication, or fashion. Graphic design involves working with typography, colors, formats, styles, etc. Today, graphic communication design is the most basic requirement of the creative field as it is the communication of innovation.


  • B.Des Graphic Design
  • B.Sc Graphic Design
  • Diploma in Graphic Design
  • M.Des Graphic Design
  • MA in Graphic Design


Fashion Communication and Fashion Media.

It is the communication of fashion and lifestyle design. Fashion communication involves work like branding, logo design, public relation for the brand, merchandising, and other activities. Whereas, fashion media deals with how the product has to be communicated in the market, traditional or online. Creating awareness for the brand and increasing its sales with the help of communication and media, with the involvement of the internet in our life, using it as a strong mode of communication for the brand.


  • BA Hons in Fashion Communication.
  • MA in Fashion Communication
  • Fashion Journalism [ Diploma and Graduation]

Animation & Visual Effects

According to Merriam Webster, animation refers to the act of animating, giving life to non-living things or imaginary objects or characters. Everybody knows cartoons like ‘Tom and Jerry’ or ‘Oggy and The Cockroaches’  are animated characters in which satire and humor were infused. 

Visual effects commonly known as VFX are applied to real human beings to add pleasure to the sight of the audience. It portrays the combination of real and reel life through the usage of special effects. Movies like ‘Bahubali, Spiderman, Harry Potter, etc are examples of the same. 


  • B.Des Animationn  and motion graphics
  • B.Des Animation and game design
  • B.Des Animation and multimedia deign

Animation & Film Design

An animator is an artist who creates illusion using frames and characters. It is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of patience. Film-making is also a labour-intensive project that aims to entertain its audience. This is a field of communication design of innovation where entertainment and technology go hand in hand.


  • B.Des Animation and VFX
  • B.DES Film and video
  • M.Des Animation and VFX

Film and video communication  

Visual communication design is what we can call film and video design as it provides visual content for the audience to enjoy. This subcategory offers options like cinematography, filmmaker, video director, etc. This course allows you to learn about filmmaking and related activities. You can create sensational and remarkable content. Maybe become the next Yashraj or Sanjay Leela Bhansali of Bollywood.  


  • B.Des Film and Video Communication
  • M.Des Film and Video Communication


It is the kind of communication that captures and immortalizes moments. These photographs act as evidence or memories for alluring the captures. It requires accurate skills and knowledge about camera handling, lighting, lens, etc features of the camera as well.


BA in Visual Arts and Photography



Every person is creative in his or her way. There is a need for creative people in the world. Choosing design


Students of Maths, Secience and humanities stream cannot be a part of design field.

as a career is a step towards exploring the artist in you as you open yourself to communication design, product design, automobile design, interior design, fashion design, visual arts & communication design, fashion & luxury management, toy & game design, illustration design, graphic design and much more.


Everything requires structure, and structure is acquired through architecture design and interior design. The world will become a frivolous place in the absence of design.


There are various options available in the design field.

Architecture Design has always been an essential part of the world, we are witnesses to it. From the Taj Mahal to the Qutub Minar to the Statue of Unity to the Christ the Redeemer. We have seen these monuments beautify the world.

Design is not only limited to architecture, design is required in the spaces we work[office interior design], cars we drive[automobile design],  airplanes we travel


IIT has introduced it’s Department of Design, that provides B.Des Bachelor’s in Design and M.Des Masters in Design

in[transportation design], and even in rockets but that is designed by the government and has different procedures.

With adequate fidelity and consistency, anyone can create a design. Design institutes like NID IIT NIFT offer courses like UX-UI, communication design courses, visual communication design courses, online communication design courses, product design courses, interior architecture courses, interior design courses, home decor courses, transportation design courses, automotive and transport design courses, merchandising and management courses, etc. that offers a student an opportunity to give structure to his/her imagination.

Career options for a design

  • Fashion and Lifestyle design.

Anything that is an addition to the basic life we are living comes under lifestyle design. To make an addition to our lifestyle there are fashion designers who create innovative products. Fashion designers make trends that people follow. They play with colors and fabrics for creating unique

designs. If you wish to become a fashion designer all you need to do is an experiment, as without experiment no reinvigorated design can be born.

  • Communication Design

Communication Design is related to activities of communication for innovation. Communication design deals with making advertisements, user-friendly interfaces that enhance user experience, films, mass communication, animation & visual effects, and much more. It is a field that is full of creativity and innovation. The one quality required in this field is consistency. To become a communication designer all you need to have is the desire to communicate.

  • Industrial Design

Industrial design deals with making form and features of products, interiors of spaces, transportation design, automobile design, ornamental design, and much more. It requires an optimistic approach, problem-solving skills, and knowledge about the user’s needs. Industrial design manufactures physical products with the help of innovative technology. Industrial design requires you to have the guts to bring your imagination into reality.


Environmental design is taken into action to build sustainable spaces for the citizens of a country to live. Architecture design is one of the basic components of environmental design as it involves building of residential areas, working spaces, parks, libraries, etc. Environmental designs are created by keeping in mind the environmental factors.To become an environmental designer you need to have a sustainable approach to your design ideas.

About Design Aspirants.

Students choose a career path based on their academic performance as measured by grades in Math, Arts, and Science. However, they rarely examine their creative quotient, discovering little about the innovator or designer in them.

Design Aspirants is the Best and the Most Renowned Design Colleges’ Entrance Coaching Institute in Central India, which helps students prepare for Design & Architecture Entrance Exams like NID, NIFT, IIT-CEED, IIT-UCEED, NATA, and IIT-B.Arch. 

We hold the record for Highest Selections in Central India, year after year. 

We have mentored over 850+ students in the past 8 years, who have successfully paved their way towards successful design careers, academically and professionally.

Design Aspirants lies in the top 5 design entrance exam coaching institutes. Design Aspirants is one of the best IIT-UCEED coaching classes in Indore, M.P. To acquire expertise in the NID NIIFT IIT-UCEED Exam preparation, get associated with one of the best design entrance exams training academy of Indore, M.P Design Aspirants. 


Design Aspirants the best design entrance exam preparation institute in Indore, M.P. provides training for architecture entrance exam preparation and IIT-UCEED Exam preparation.


Design Aspirants is the most renowned design entrance exam preparation academy in Bhopal and Indore, M.P. which is also known as NIFT Entrance exam coaching and NID Entrance exam coaching institute that provides design entrance exams coaching.


Appearing for B.Design courses entrance exam requires design entrance exam coaching thats helps in preparing for NID NIFT IIT-UCEED entrance exam preparation and coaching for NATA and B.ARCH preparation. The one-stop Design coaching in Indore and design coaching in Bhopal is Design Aspirants.

Best Career Options in Industrial Design

Best Career Options in Industrial Design

Industrial design brings ideas to reality through product design, interior design, transportation design, automobile design, house interior design, and much more. Industrial design aims to make co-existence leisurely. Industrial design has an optimistic approach obtained through the design thinking process of converting problems into opportunities. Industrial designs are created keeping in mind, providing user-centric products in a resourceful way by performinga ccurate packaging design that is suitable for the product design. Interior design requires an empathic and pragmatic understanding for making worthy creations like home interior design, bedroom interior design,
automobile design, toy and game design, and much more.

Career Options

Product Design

Product design is the most common field chosen by students in industrial design. Product design and development involves activities like product logo design, product label design, product catalog design, label logo design, digital product design, packaging design, etc. Product design helps create user-friendly products by following an appropriate process of packaging design. The product designer creates products through experimentation. Product design has become an essential part of the product-making process in
today’s world.


● B.Des in Product Design
● M.Des in Product Design

Interior Design
Interior design is one of the common fields known by people. Interior designers are in demand all the time as people want something unexplored, something distinct in their spaces all the time. Study interior design and create house interior designs, kitchen interior designs, bathroom interior designs, salon interior designs, and much more. Interior designing is not limited to designing the interiors of houses, it is also required for designing the interiors of automobiles, and exhibitions.


Automobile design is done keeping in mind the demand of its user for example car design. It is not restricted to designing the interior and exterior but also the automobile component design like the engine, parts, etc. An automobile becomes thriving when they are designed in harmony by automobile designers and automobile engineers.

Interior Design
● B.Des in Interior Design
● B.Des in Interior Design and Decoration
● B.Des in Interior and Furniture design
● B.Des in Interior and Retail design
● B.Des interior and architecture design

Automobile interior design
● B.Des in Automobile Design
● M.Des in Automobile Design
NID Automobile Design

Toy and Game Design

Toy and game design requires an imaginative and creative mind that gives new experiences to the users. It allows delivering the gamer a real-life experience. there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to being a toy designer, marketed products that become successful
bring joy to not just children but adults is one of the best careers to bring your creativity to the forefront and display your childlike side to design and develop ideas.

● B.Des in Toy and Game Design
● M.Des in Toy and Game Design

Retail and Exhibition Design Retail and exhibition design refers to activities relating to building a stall for the client’s product to be presented in an exhibition. It involves dealing with the client and meeting their requirements within their desired budget. The designer concocts attractive stalls for the retailer to sell his/her products. It is a field not known by everyone but is in demand.

● B.Des in Retail and Exhibition Design
● M.Des in Retail and Exhibition Design

Spatial Design Spatial designers create spaces that are sustainable and in sync with human behavior. For gaining knowledge about how humans react to the space to be built, spatial designers need to have a deep understanding of existing designs, and spaces. Space is endlessly shaping us. Spatial designers create comfortable spaces. Spatial designers interact with how and what the space communicates with the people.

● BDes in Interior and Spatial Design
● MDes in Interior and Spatial Design

Ceramic and Glass Design Glass and ceramic design is having a creative point of view of science and technology as it concerns with producing medical, technology-related [engineering], and ornamental products. It can be said to be a part of interior decoration as well. Creating floor tiles, ornamental ware, ceramic ceiling tiles, UV-protected lenses, gorilla glasses, etc can be said to be ceramic and glass designs.

● B.Des in Ceramic and Glass Design
● M.Des in Ceramic and Glass Design

Design aspirants is a NID NIFT UCEED Coaching Institute. Design aspirants provide design entrance exam preparation. If you are looking for design entrance exam coaching Design Aspirants is the best design entrance exam coaching academy.


Design Aspirants is a design entrance exam training institute. Design Aspirants provides classes for NID NIFT UCEED  preparation. If you are looking for B.Des courses entrance exam coaching, Design Aspirants is the best option for you.


Looking for an architecture exam entrance preparation institute? Looking for classes for NATA B.ARCH preparation? Design Aspirants is a design entrance exams coaching institute that provides coaching for NATA B.Arch preparation.

Design Aspirants provides design coaching for NID, design coaching for NIFT, and design coaching for IIT-UCEED.


If you are looking for IIT-UCEED coaching classes, NID entrance training institute, NIFT exam entrance classes, or architecture exam entrance preparation; Design Aspirants is the best design entrance exam training academy in Indore and Bhopal.


Searching for coaching for NID or coaching for NIFT is not difficult when the best is near you. Design Aspirants is a design entrance exams training school that provides classes for NID NIFT UCEED exams.


Design Aspirants is a NID entrance exam coaching institute as well as NIFT entrance exam classes that provides classes for IIT-UCEED Exam preparation, architecture exam preparation, coaching for NID NIFT UCEED preparation, and coaching for NATA B.ARCH preparation.

Environmental designs and career options

Environmental designs and career options

The building in which we live, the structure of the city we stay in, the stores we shop in, and everything else related to infrastructure fall under the umbrella of environmental design. The environment in old times was pure and natural for which we mistook the thought that it is inexhaustible. But with time the natural resources got depleted and we are fighting for a sustainable environment to live in.

The term environmental design deals with the government mostly for building any shelter or commutable spaces, such as bridges, highways, townships, railway routes, etc. 

Environmental design is necessary because it not only designs the structure of cities or the country we live in but also because it preserves the environment in a justified manner.

Career options.  


Architecture design is an essential part of environmental design as it adds elements of aesthetics to the structure. It is the process that involves the stages from making a blueprint to the construction process. Architecture involves the building of houses, working spades, townships, open spaces, etc. An architect-designer is of utmost primacy anywhere and everywhere as it unravels the troubles of people in a resourceful way. Become an architect, and change the experience of people living.




Town Planning

Town planning is also known as ‘Urban Planning’ which means developing and designing the land with the use of environmental resources to upscale the town or city. It focuses on building distribution networks, communication, and transportation. It is known to be a political and technical process. Its preliminary focus is correspondingly on general welfare. It develops urban, suburban, and rural areas.




Civil Construction

Civil construction is included under civil engineering. Civil construction deals with building dams, tunnels, reservoirs, subdivisions, bridges, etc.

It allows you to bring about innovative infrastructural structures for bringing ease to the citizens.




Urban Design

Urban design is the art of making places. It deals in building residential spaces, neighborhoods, end of villages, towns, cities, etc, and adding an ornamental element for the same. 





“Keeping up with the fashion trends is what people do but the ones who create the trends are fashion designers.”

Fashion design adds chicness to the cloth, it allows a simple piece of cloth to be transformed into an astounding piece, thus the requirement of fashion marketing and management arises. Lifestyle design is related to all those tangible and intangible products or services that upscale your life calling out for fashion and luxury brand management.

The mantra for everyone to look fashionable is to look ‘Elegant and outstanding on a low budget’ raising requirements for fashion retail management. Fashion design and lifestyle design are interrelated and interdependent fields. When you style an outfit, make decorations for your home, create something distinctive from the broken pieces, etc is an addition to lifestyle design.

The accurate knowledge and acquaintance with colors, fabrics, prints, and accessories can make you nail your fashion game. This field doesn’t mandate you to have any background knowledge, fashion design allows you to start from scratch with only one condition which is: PASSION.

Fashion and lifestyle design is a generic field but it involves an assortment of sub-fields as well. Professionals are required for each sub-category. One person is not responsible for making everything that is jewelry, clothes, accessory, etc.

Careers in Fashion and Lifestyle Design


Fashion designing is the most common field that students usually choose when they decide on the design field. Becoming a fashion designer allows you to bring novelty to the field. Fashion designers attempt to design clothes that are usable as well as aesthetically alluring.

Fashion design involves experimenting and testing with colors, fabrics, and prints. The clothes that Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar wear is also a kind of fashion, though not appreciated by all.


There is a technical four years course available to pursue fashion is called B.Tech Fashion and Lifestyle Design

Fun Fact


Knitwear Design

Through wool and yarn weave knitwear designs can be obtained. Knitwear designing courses teach about technology, manufacturing, stitching, pattern-making, trend analysis, forecasting, sketching of cloth, production of cloth, etc.

Fashion enthusiasts who want to learn about the techniques of creating new weave design can surely pursue a career in knitwear design.



Knit is a word derived from the Old English cyttan, which means ‘to knot. Students from any stream can pursue courses related to knitwear design. 


Knitwear design is not a very common course students usually pursue. But the courses available are, 

  • Bachelors in Knitwear Design.
  • BA Hons FashionKnitwear Design.
  • Masters in Knitwear Design.
  • MA Fashion[ Knitwear].


Going into a fabric store, looking around at distinct colorful fabrics, does the question bother you who is deciding those colors? Who is creating those prints? Who is deciding the material of the cloth? 

The textile designer does. Textile designers bring their imaginative designs to life. Textile designers have the authority to suggest the type of threads to be used. Textile designers determine how to play with the cloth and colors.


  • BDes Textile Design.
  • Bachelors in Textile Design.
  • BA Textile Design.
  • BA Hons Textile Design.

Apparel Design and Merchandising.

This field offers you the opportunity to critically explore how fibers and apparel products are designed and developed, distributed, and merchandised as well as the ways consumers interact with and use those products. The emphasis is placed upon fostering cultural/global awareness and a commitment to social responsibility.

It too is a four-year-long course, but it’s a scientific course.


  • B.S. in Apparel Design and Merchandising.
  • M.S. in Apparel Design and Merchandising.

Accessory Design 

Everybody aims to look presentable when they wear an outfit. The main elements that make an outfit complete are accessories. Accessories are the style statement of an outfit. Accessories include jewelry, footwear, hats, scarves, headgears, bags, clips, and belts. An accessory designer provides the aesthetic element to an outfit. Without accessories, an outfit looks incomplete.


  • B.Des Accessory Design
  • M.Des Accessory Design

Leather Design

Many people love to wear leather goods. Due to the increase in demand for leather products, there is a need realized for leather designers. This field requires physical work and sincerity. In India as well as outside India, there is a great demand for leather. Products that are created from leather are belts, bags, shoes, upholstery, etc. Thus, leather industries require trained designers and merchandisers to meet the needs of people.



  • B.Des Leather Design

Jewelry Design

Jewelry is considered an investment in India. Jewelry designers work with precious metals, diamonds, beads, and gemstones. Jewelry designers have embarked on their position everywhere since ancient times. Jewelry designers create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Jewelry designers add up ornamental value to an outfit. Jewelry has great significance in India.


  • B.Des Jewelry Design

Footwear Design

Footwear is the most noticed element of an outfit. Footwear designs vary from country to country. Footwear is designed by keeping in mind the style and comfort of the customer. With time footwear design has evolved. Designers experiment with the footwear that creates extraordinary footwear that is presented in fashion shows. India is the second-largest producer of footwear after China.  Fashion brands create an identity not only through the outfits they create but also through the additional elements they provide.


  • B.Des Footwear Design and Production.
  • M.Des Footwear Design and Production

Management and Technology in fashion and lifestyle design


Fashion management deals with the building of brand image and awareness among the general public as well as management in marketing, merchandising, and retail of fashion products. This includes organization, planning, and promotion of the fashion business as well. Fashion management requires leadership skills and managerial skills specifically in fashion, garment export, lifestyle as well as the retail sector.


Marketing is one of the most important aspects of all fields, without marketing the end products would not be sold. Marketing is where fashion and business intersect. Marketing activities can involve your role as social media management, content manager, advertiser, etc. When you decide to do fashion marketing you are responsible for all the after-production process is the promotion of products in the correct order. Making a mark on social media platforms will allow you to increase the sales of your respective brand.



Bdes & MDes in Fashion Marketing and MGT.


Fashion Retail Management

Fashion retailing is the sector of business that acts as an intermediatory between the manufacturers and buyers. Fashion retail is a process of principles of fashion. Fashion retail management gives insights into marketing, retail buying, merchandising, and imparts basic fabric knowledge- from fiber to fabric and fabric to garment. It emphasizes retail management, brand management, and customer relationship management.



Bdes Mdes Retail Experience Design

Fashion Business Management

Careers like fashion buyers, fashion merchandisers, product designers and developers, design consultants and entrepreneurs, exporters, etc. are involved in the fashion business management sector. It is similar to fashion management and marketing but with wider scope for all the activities.



Bdes mDES in Fashion Business Management


Bachelor of Fashion Technology

Bachelor of fashion technology is a perfect blend of creativity and technology. This course covers a vast study of design, concept management, design production management, quality control, planning, fabric design, printing, textile science, color mixing, etc.



BF Tech. in NIFT

MF Tech

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